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A B O U T    M E 

AHONA MAZUMDER is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from Downers Grove, IL. She is currently a student at Indiana University, Bloomington studying marketing, operations management & international business through the Kelley School of Business.  One of Ahona's favorite things to do (as cheesy as it will sound) is making people smile. Whether it be through telling terrible jokes, talking to people or performing, making other people happy makes her happy. 


Her favorite activities consist of singing, playing guitar, archery, talking to new people, writing poetry, giving gifts, baking, and eating. Ahona is a proud member of the Indiana University Singing Hoosiers. In fact, that is one of her favorite reasons for attending IU. The Singing Hoosiers are a collegiate show choir dedicated to singing, dancing and spreading love and happiness through music. 

Family is the most important thing to Ahona.  Luckily enough for her, she grew up the youngest in a very musical family with grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a brother who constantly helped her grow as an individual and a musician. Because of this, Ahona started playing piano at the age of 7 and now she plays piano, guitar, drums, and sings. 


Last, but not least, Ahona always has a good joke up her sleeve, so if you are in need of a laugh or just like puns, never hesitate to contact her. 

AIAN MAZUMDER is a photographer and musician. He is responsible for all photography used for Thank You Notes EP and in the Gallery.  As Ahona's brother, Aian has played a tremendous role in the person she is today. He had provided her with the equipment and inspiration to record 'Thank You Notes' in the first place. As the sound engineer on the EP, none of it would sound as good without him either. Please support his photography and check out his other projects at

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